Virus Removal – $50

System Checkup – $50
I will give your system an examination, install essential software protection, remove spyware/spamware, clean the registry, remove unwanted programs, trim down bootup, and make hardware and software recommendations. Most users will see an increase in system performance with this package.

Hardware Installations – $25
I will install whatever hardware you need help with, whether it’s graphic cards, memory sticks, or hard drive upgrades.

Windows Password Recovery – $50
If you get locked out of your Windows computer because you forgot the password, or someone accidentally changed it, let me fix it for you!

Cloud Storage Setup – $50/device
‘The Cloud’ is a term used to described internet services which store things for you that can be accessed anywhere you can get on the internet. With the simplest Clouds, everything happens on their servers (Netflix, Gmail, Facebook, etc), however more sophisticated Clouds mirror files/folders on your computer, and may even be auto-synchronous and work with your mobile devices. I will assess your needs and devices and tailor-pick cloud services that will keep your valuable data safe (documents, images, videos, contact information, etc). We can setup all your devices at once, or do one at a time as you can afford it. The days of loosing information when a device is lost/stolen/broken are over!

Windows Re-installation – $100 (New Install Disc Required)
System crashed beyond belief? Need to reformat, re-install, and start over but don’t know how? This is the service you need!

Troubleshooting – $65/hr (onsite) or $50/hr (remotely)
This is for whatever ails you which doesn’t fall into any other category. Problems with printers, scanners, router, modems, and more are billed at this rate.

I also do iphone and ipad screen replacements as well as repair of many other gadgets!