When Josh “Computer Guy” Beckstrom entered my life, I think he must have been heaven-sent. Our newspaper’s webmaster had moved on and we were at a crossroads. Rather than simply saving the day as I had hoped, Josh wrapped his brain around our business’s needs and developed a website superior to that of any of our competitors in the area. He did this with very little coaching; rather, he combined his technical brilliance with his enthusiasm for news-gathering and watchdog journalism. The result was masterful; indeed, Josh’s only limitations were the ones that I placed on him due to budgetary considerations.

The bottom line is that Josh’s expertise and exceptional customer service helped our business expand financially and in terms of credibility. I strongly recommend putting the Computer Guy to work for your business.

Kevin Hogencamp
Hogencamp Communications

“With my first batch of Spring inventory ready to ship, I called Josh in a panic after having spent 80+ man hours building an ecommerce website (using one of those drag-and-drop “any idiot can do it” programs) that wouldn’t function in any browser other than IE. Within 2 weeks, he had my current site, madison-drake.com, up and running and looking very much like the one I had worked so hard on. Needless to say, I was a HAPPY GIRL!

Josh is extremely capable of creating a professional website for you, regardless of your needs. He will work diligently to get the job completed in a timely manner, address changes quickly and communicate with you during the process. If you’re new to the world of web-based business as I was, I would definitely recommend The Computer Guy!”