Website as a Service (WaaS)

We Make Websites Simpler! Instead of selling you individual parts to make your own website (web address, web hosting, etc), we offer a complete website service that includes all the basic components for one standard fee that can be paid yearly or in monthly installments (via ACH auto-draft*). We handle all the registrations, renewals, weeding out the good notices from the bogus ones, and much more so you can just have a great website without any of the hassle!

Basic Rate

$200 Setup + $600 yearly (monthly payments available)


  • Web Address (.com .net or .org) – How visitors get to your website
  • Web Hosting – The storage where your website exists
  • Web Design – What your website looks like and how it functions
  • SSL Certificate – Turns the http:// into https:// which is more secure for your visitors
  • Domain Privacy – Shields your information on the public domain registry from potential spammers
  • Unlimited Pages (within reason) – We don’t stop at just 5 if you need more
  • Unlimited Page Updates (within reason)(applies to static pages/content only, clients will be taught how to do their own blog/newsy posts)
  • Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses (within reason)(allows you to have an email address at your web address that delivers to an existing email account you already have)
  • Server-based POP3 Email (however we recommend G Suite for bonafide email with IMAP support)
  • Google Analytics Integration – So you know how many visitors come to your website
  • Basic SEO Optimization – Helps search engines do their job so you show up on search results
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ by request
  • Non-Premium Plugins (There are groups of plugins which are free that can add functionality to your site. We do not charge extra to install these for you.)
  • Tailored Website Strategies (Websites are like paintings; let us paint a pretty picture of your offerings for your clients! You let us know what information you want to convey, and we’ll take it from there!)
  • Online Marketing Advice (We understand online marketing so you don’t have to. We’ll let you know when something would be a benefit to your site, and offer feedback for ideas you have. With the Sylvester Computer Guy, you’re not just getting a website programmer, you’re getting a website partner with a vested interest in the success of your overall project!)
  • Weekly Maintenance Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Monthly Security Checks
  • Monthly SEO Checks
  • Monthly Reports about the status of your website

Go From ‘Basic’ to ‘Advanced’ With These Extras!

  • Ecommerce Shop Service, includes first 5 product record entries – Add $100 Setup + $10/mo
  • Paywall “Paid Members Only” Sections Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo
  • Classifieds Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo
  • Banner Ad Rotator (monetization) Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo

How much for some additional help?
Basic product photos for ebay, craigslist, ecommerce = $5/item ($100/hr bulk rate)
Commercial Facebook/Twitter Account Setup = $50 ($25 for SWCC members)
Ecommerce product record entry = $5/item

Portfolio of Current Clients (click to visit):
100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yard Sale
Amazing Mile Marker Stops
Ashburn Crime & Punishment Museum
Carrolls Sausage and Meats
Eaglecraft Door
Georgia Peanut Festival
The Martin News
Norman Crowe – Attorney
Palms Plus Trees
Paul Pro Lawn Service
Pines RV Park Tifton
Ron Beckstrom – Attorney
Southern Pet Cremations
Suncrest Stone
Sylvester Housing Authority
Sylvester Local News
Three Crazy Bakers
Tift County State Court
USA Fireworks Outlet
Worth County Elections Office
Worth County Board of Commissioners
Worth County Sheriff’s Office
Worth County Superior Court

(*All rates are based on ACH auto-drafted monthly payments, other methods will incur a surcharge.)